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Riding by Lake Achen in Tyrol.

A childhood dream. A sense of freedom. A bonding with the power of the proud horse. In and summer and in winder, riding by Lake Achen awakens longing for what has yet to be experienced. The desire to encounter nature from a different perspective: with the riding instructors of our on-site, hotel horseback riding facility, with riding arena and horse paddock. Beautiful Haflingers. Graceful Icelanders. Two races in the summer that not only invite you to become one with the riding experience at Lake Achen. On the trails around Achenkirch. To explore the region, where nature appears pure, in step, trot, and gallop. Into the water of Lake Achen, with its seductive sparkling. On guided horseback rides deep into the mountains. Which will astound you in winter (Winter) on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

We would be happy to reserve individual riding lessons for you.