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Get married in Tyrol. Get married at DAS KRONTHALER****S.

Sailboats hoist their white sails. Lake Achen sparkles in the rising sun. Your heart throbs. The anticipation sizzles. Today is the day of all days: your wedding at DAS KRONTHALER****S near picturesque Lake Achensee in the austrian alps! The backdrop could not be more beautiful: mountains, sprawling fields and rustic romanticism. And a hotel that is unequalled in terms of style and uniqueness!

From getting ready up to the first kiss

From getting ready in the elegant Luis Trenker Suite up to the first kiss during the photo shooting on the magnificent rooftop terrace, the excitement sparkles like the champagne in your glass. Everything has already been perfectly organised for weeks. The team has taken care of everything. The right questions were always asked at the right time - and none of them were left unanswered! Everything was arranged lavishly and flexibly. And today this long-awaited dream becomes reality.

From the ceremony up to the fireworks

The little Church of St. Anne is set like a pearl in the landscape. Guests arrive and sense that it is a magical day. Declaring vows is the first highlight. Family and friends with tears of joy in their eyes congratulate the newlyweds in the BAR HimmelNAH 999, high above the rooftops of Achenkirch. The culinary ensemble is a work of art by Robert Bauer and his team. The ensuing wedding dinner in the chic alpine Seealm is a pleasurable warmup for the fireworks in the starlit night sky. The service is perfect. Timo Seidl and his team are genuine masters who will already satisfy a wish once it is conceived. And they create an atmosphere for a celebration which can also last until the wee hours of the morning!

You can also fulfil this dream of a destination wedding at DAS KRONTHALER**** S in Achenkirch Austria.
This is getting married in Tyrol on the highest level.

Host Günther Hlebaina & his team look forward to delighting you!